Saturday, September 01, 2007

Resolve to Exercise

Uh....yeah. I did say the word resolve, right? Meaning, there honestly are good intentions involved. I have been resolving to exercise, for starters. Yes, I consider yoga exercise. And I've been home close to 3 months and I have NOT started doing yoga again! I'm using NOT being at our own house an excuse right now, hehehe. *roll eyes with exasperation*

Over some meal a few days ago, my sisters and I were discussing ways to lose weight. We have 2 weddings next year and I know I'm not the only one feeling the pressure! We talked about gastric bypasses and cold wraps....but I'm thinking that liposuction is still the fastest way to get this body contoured. Uh-huh. Contoured. And I like the customized process of lipo and tummy tucks, too. No "standardized" thing, but doctors taking your actual measurements. Very professional for sure, plus no chance of the situations I read about where globs of fat deposits are taken out of a body part but then the whole look isn't distributed evenly. Nightmarish.

I know that ideally, I have to lose weight before even thinking of getting any of these procedures done, which is where the resolve to exercise comes in. I think aside from yoga, I'm going to try and do the Couch to 5k Program again. I know I started on this a few months ago, and I did do ONE week of the program, hehehe. Then my back hurt because of all the pounding it was taking from the running. So I stopped.

I've been reading how people have been doing with the Couch to 5K though, and I think my back is a lot better now. So maybe I'll give it another go.

And hey, I like to think ahead. I know that WHEN I lose weight, everything starts to sag. Yes, including the upper body. And you start to lose the fat deposits in the chest area. This is where some breast augmentation starts to come in. I just read that this procedure does not necessarily have to increase your bra size. It is used a lot of times to LIFT the breasts. Ahhhhh!!!! Do I see the lights turning on now? Hehehehe. Good thing to learn, eh?

Off to look for that Couch-5k Program again. And I'll post it here for easy access. Maybe if I see it everyday, I'll be more motivated. This should be a good start to the month eh?


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