Sunday, September 02, 2007

Typical Sunday

Yup. Another typical Sunday for us. Mass at 10 with the entire family. Then lunch at Ye-Dang, this really yummy Korean restaurant near Metro Walk. I didn't want to eat because I wanted to watch what I was eating, but I figure Korean was on the good side of healthy eating.

I loved their chap-che (sp?), these translucent noodles that I love. There was also bimbimbap, a Korean rice dish: rice mixed with an assortment of vegetables and some great (non)spicy sauce as we requested. The traditional kalbi, bulgogi, and short ribs. I love how you can eat the meat wrapped in some lettuce leaves. Very tasty. We tried some egg soup which was very good, courtesy of the restaurant owner who Boydee chatted with, partly in Korean. The pancake (forgot the Korean name) was the delish pick for lunch though! It had spring onions, potatoes or some pancake base and it was just yum yum yummy! I think I ate close to one whole HUGE pancake all by myself!

After lunch we went home. I didn't even scrap...but fell promptly onto the bed and was sound asleep in minutes! Pig-like, I know, but I guess my 4-hour nighttime sleep the past week got to me. I just HAD to have some shut-eye; I couldn't keep my eyes open if I had wanted to. So I gave in to much needed sleep, hehehe. Lai was on the sofa bed, sleeping very soundly, when I woke up after an hour or so, maybe more. Ahhhhh.....what a life eh?

We had dinner over at Ayala and the kids played and watched Playhouse Disney (at least Ranger did) the whole time. After some personal "shopping" for their fave junk food from Lola's stash, we all trooped home.

Yup. Typical Sunday. Eating. Typical. :)


Ok, I really need to break up all this text space the past few posts with some layouts! :) Some blue-inspired pages:
The kids giving Tita Bang their version of a kiss, hehehe.

Credits: kit - Glitter in Turquoise by Claudi Sollinger at Scrappin Freestyle; kiss word - by Christina Renee; tag, stitches - by Gina Miller; kiss definition - by Designing on Edge; felt lips - by Tiff Brady; font - Arial Narrow; layered sketch - by Julie Billingsley

Journaling reads: Living life to the fullest. This photo shows the twins celebrating their 29th birthday, and Dad celebrating his 7th birthday. Not a typo---we lost Dad for 15 minutes 7 years ago, on the twins’ birthday. Ever since then, our family has seen life being lived. To its fullest. By everyone in the family. We appreciate LIFE, we don’t take it for granted. Every precious minute, every second, COUNTS. And we live it. Seeing Dad is a constant reminder of enjoying a second chance at life. Seeng our youngest siblings is a reminder that life is still to be lived. And that to live and enjoy life is to live life to its fullest.

Credits: kit - Back in Black-Funky by Amanda Rockwell; word art tag - by Jen Wilson; vintage frame - by Nancy Comelab; font - DJB Mandy; layered sketch - by Jennifer Layden

Raine concentrating and visualizing moments before a race.

Credits: kit - Grape Spaz by Amanda Rockwell; doodled alpha - by Kate Hadfield; line alpha - Oh the Water by Shawna Clingerman; colored alpha - Shimmerbet by Gina Miller; bubbles - Bubbly Suds by Gina Miller; it's a girl thing tag - by Jen Wilson; grungy frame - Funky by Amanda Rockwell; font - Arial Narrow, KGD Angela; photo action - All That Pops by Holly McCaig; layered sketch - Smartstart Coll 4 by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick


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