Saturday, September 01, 2007

Salcedo Market

We FINALLY went to Salcedo Market in Makati. When Raine woke up, she asked us where we were going to go, because we were getting dressed. We told her we'd go to a flea market for food, so to speak. She literally jumped out of bed and ran to the shower to get dressed. Anything for food, this girl! Hehehe.

It was a great day for being outside...NO sign of rain whatsoever. We got to the Market at 1030ish. Early enough to beat the lunch crowd, and late enough that the early risers were on their way out. We feasted on sausages, fruit shakes, roti bread, and my favorite, the Wagyu sandwich. Yuuummmm! It was a pricey sandwich for P150, but man, it was SO GOOD! I'm going back next week to have another round of the Wagyu!

We ended up getting a pack of huge sausages to take home for Rogan, some salad greens, and some delish raisin bread. No pictures to share, but Lai took some pictures so maybe she has those up on her blog.

Til next week's trip to the Market! Yes, I think I'm going to take my camera :)


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