Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Renovating Thoughts

I was just thinking about how I'd love to move back home soon. But alas, the rooms of the kids are still on the list of things being renovated. I'm having the wallpaper stripped, and the built-in TV cabinets ripped out, as well as some closets in the bathrooms to make them a little bit larger.

Also, in the master's bedroom, I want the built-in cabinets reworked a little bit. We can't rip out the whole thing as 1-it's humongous and 2-they are back to back with my part of the walk in closet. So uh uh. That thing will not be touched.

For home furniture, we're looking at some changes in beds for the boys. The girls have their bunk beds that can be separated into 2 beds (1 full and 1 twin) and they seem to enjoy that. We're still thinking of what we can get the boys; the bed in their room belonged to Lola Nene. Hehehe. So definitely NOT boyish at all! Looking at some bedroom furniture is up on our list.

In our room, we've moved things around as well. I think I'm throwing out the 2 arm chairs that ends up being a place to dump bags and whatnot on them. That way, we can move around Japa's and my desks. No, we don't need any more home office furniture, but I've been drooling over some of them, hehehe.
I kind of like the look of this Queen Anne set, in black. Looks a bit manly, but I like how it looks, and yes, definitely will go well in our bedroom.....except our bed is a dark brown. Hmmmmmm......

Another option is this contemporary styled desk. A little bit TOO simple for my tastes, but I think this will force me to stop putting junk on the desktop! Oh and look! It has my iMac! hehehe. Didn't notice that until you think it's a sign? :)

These are plans for the upstairs. I don't even want to think about living room furniture just yet. I don't think my brain can handle the thought of even more expenses!

I need to talk to the contractor who's going to do all the painting. I need some cornice pieces for the ceiling joints. And most of all, I need to throw away all the junk. Mercilessly!

Ack! Who said renovating was easy?!?! Where's that remote control...I need to watch more HGTV! :)

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