Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Gotta Love Having a Mac!

My new toy has been fun to use. So far. Of course, I use it mostly for scrapping, but the kids have used it for playing some games, and so has Japa. I guess they like the huge 24" screen to see all of the action. :)

I haven't browsed for any specific mac games as of yet, but I'm positive there are a lot out there. I mean game manufacturers wouldn't leave out the Mac, would they? I know games are pricey, so instead of shelling out a lot of precious dollars, I search the internet world for free mac games first, to try out what's out there. And I download the heck out of most of them, hehehe.

With Japa's obsession with Generals, I'm looking for an alternative for that as well, so rpg games are fair game (pun intended!) as well. I like the non-violent ones obviously, and the "smart" kind of games. You know, where you have to use your noggin to advance to another level.

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