Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 66th Birthday, Daddy!!!

What a day it's been!

We were up at 430 am ---yes, that's MORNING--- to greet Dad with songs and a mass. Mom had invited the PACEM priests for a manyanita (that's phonetic spelling, I think), a tradition of greeting a birthday celebrant with songs first thing in the morning.

After the songs, we had a huge breakfast! (of course, it's La Vista.....there ALWAYS has to be food---and lots of it--- here). Sigh! This was a bad way to start the day, hehehe. All of us knew we were going out for lunch AND dinner for Dad's birthday, and YET that didn't stop us from feasting on some beefsteak, eggs, tocino, arroz caldo, tokwa't baboy and rice.

We had mass after breakfast (we had to wait for the mass book to be brought) and a VERY FUNNY thing happened during mass. Hehehehe. First of all, the mass was in Tagalog. Ugh. I hate it if it's not in English because honestly, it is very difficult to follow AND comprehend. Anyway, we hadn't discussed who was going to do the readings, and when it was time, we were all looking around at one another.

I quickly nudged Japa with my elbow and told him to do it because I KNEW he was the only one who could speak, read and pronounce Tagalog properly. (turns out Elizza can, too. *making note to self*). But my dear husband moved oh-so-slowly, and Mom had already turned towards us, Rod, who was beside me, reluctantly stood up and walked to the front.

Oooookaaaaaay. I settled in my seat after giving Japa a dirty look for not standing up quickly.

Rodney started off doing really well. He talked in a loud, clear voice. Then he started slowing down and faltering. Ooookaaaay. I was half expecting this to happen. After all, it's not everyday that we read Tagalog words out loud.

He misprounounced several words and I started to giggle. SILENTLY, mind you! I still say that I did NOT let out a sound when I was doing this!!! Rod sounded just like Rogan who sort of slurs his Tagalog words together especially because he didn't know how to pronounce them AND didn't know what they meant. He was speaking with an American accent, TRYING to sound Filipino. Hehehehehe.

Rodney stopped, composed himself. Started reading, and faltered again. By this time, I was hunched over, trying to hide myself behind Mom so that Rod couldn't see. I'm sure he could see my shoulders, which were obviously showing my effort at trying to control my laughter. Apparently, everyone else except Mom and Dad were doing the same. Again, I was NOT making a sound AT ALL!!!

And then Rodney laughed out loud. Hehehehe. He stopped, started reading again, and laughed some more. I could just imagine the dirty looks that Mom was giving him, hehehe. Finally, Mom stood up and practically grabbed the book from Rod and started reading herself.

Tears were streaming out of our eyes by this time...but it was a refreshing thing to be part of this early in the morning. No we weren't being mean; Rod was laughing at himself as well. Hehehe. That made our day!

Some photos of the manyanita:

This is the PACEM group of priests and brothers who traveled close to an hour to be at La Vista before 5 am:
Here's Dad holding his fingers up, indicating that he is now 66 years old:
This is everyone holding their hands during a pray over led by Fr Alex, for Dad's continued healing. Elizza is holding Bric's hand above his Lolo Boy's head as well. Yes, this little boy was already up....he seemed to sense that something was going on! Hehehe.

This is all of us (except Zhar ----where WERE you Zharmagne?!?!) after the manyanita:

Some of us went to sleep after everything, some of us were in front of our laptops (ahem!) and some of us started getting ready for some meetings at the office and elsewhere.

We all met at Shangri La Makati's Shang Palace and feasted on Chinese food including Dad's favorite Hot Prawn salad. Most of us were still full from breakfast, but thank goodness the food was served oh so slowly and our stomachs were able to cope with all the rich food. Sigh!

It was back to the office to do some work --or ATTEMPT to do some work. It is SOOOOOO hard to work on a too-full stomach, let me tell you! Ugh! I did try and do something.....until it was time for dinner and we all trooped to Edsa Shangri La's Heat for dinner with the rest of the family.

There were close to 40 of us and we had our own function room. Heat had a buffet so of COURSE we all indulged (yet again!) and ate and ate and ate. Even the kids were feasting! Hehehe.

Happy Birthday again Dad!!!

What a day, eh?

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Zharmagne said...

Tsk Tsk! Rodney dearest good thing i was NOT there otherwise I wouldn't be able to control my laughter!! Sorry was not able to make it. It was a FUN day! I love how future "daddy" looked in his bday photos. Very Happy! He should always look that way. Suits him :)