Saturday, September 22, 2007

Computer Talk

I ended up freeing a little bit over HALF of my computer's hard disk space. I am now the proud owner of a laptop with slightly over 52 gigabytes worth of previous hard disk space! Whoohoohoo!! Of course, I have yet to notice whether it is now more efficient and working up to speed. Maybe a few hours doing Photoshop will show me eh?

As for regular desktop computers, I'm thinking of getting STILL another one. For the kids. We now have two, and they're just constantly squabbling about who gets on what when. Ugh. It's been getting on my nerves lately and they're close to snapping. (uhmmm.....maybe it's that time of the month? Who knows.)

Anyway, am constantly on the lookout for cheap computers. Of course! I don't want to have to spend a bundle for a computer for the kids, right? Something budget friendly, that'll make the kids happy. Now when I say cheap, that doesn't mean gross and ugly at all. Cheap, meaning a great computer that won't break the bank. My bank.

And of course Dell pops into the equation again. As I've mentioned, they have been changing up their marketing and have been more prominent in this aspect again. I remember when I refused to consider Dell because all I've been hearing were not-so-good stories about their products. But NOW, all I've been hearing are raves about the new Dell computers! Talk about turnaround eh? Anyhoo, I want a great computer that the kids can use for fun and for school doing research and stuff. (They're slowly becoming adept at doing some research via the internet.)

Something speedy (so they won't whine at us and try and use OUR computers), something with Wi-Fi capability (hate those wires all over the room), and something which even Ranger can use to pop in his Jump Start learning CDs!

Ok, off to bookmark some potential desktops. And yes, Dell is going to be a contender for the next computer purchase!

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