Friday, September 21, 2007

Jogging: Day 3

Yes!!! I was feeling a wee bit lazy this morning, but I made myself get up and onto the treadmill for the third time this week! That is SUCH an accomplishment for me! Whoohoohoo!!! And yes, I did the same thing I've been doing: a total of 25 minutes, including a 5-minute warm up time.

And yes, it was a lot easier and I could breathe more. Of course, it helps that the huge plasma TV is in front of me, and I was watching the news. Anything to keep me occupied while i was in the jogging part :)

Then I just had enough time to take a shower and we left......for lunch. Hehehehe. Yeah---exercise just so I can eat! Sigh! It's this family; we love to eat TOO much!

We had lunch at Xin Tian Di where they served dimsum, all you can eat. It's in a hotel, so a little bit sosy, they serve you the dimsum your order at will, not a free for all buffet line. :)

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