Monday, September 10, 2007

Board Meeting Take 1

A pleasant and not-so-long board meeting for everyone today. Just some status reports on a new project in the Las Vegas area. And news on how Polaris is faring in the market since it was listed 4 months ago.

I was able to concentrate on the discussions.....until Randy started talking numbers. And it was downhill for me then. I tried, really tried, but just staring at that excel sheet was giving me a headache! So I opened my computer and started surfing, downloading and blogging. Hehehe. It wasn't for the ENTIRE meeting! Just the last hour I think, hehehe. But hey, I know how to multi task, so yes, my ear was on the discussion as well and I was able to ask some semi-intelligible questions! So there!


Remember when I said I had a plethora of pink kits?!? Well, I survived scrapping with them, hehehe. Thank goodness I had some subjects that went really well with them!

BREASTSTROKERielle, winning her 50m breaststroke event.

Credits: kit - Glitter in Turquoise by Claudia Sollinger at Scrappin Freestyle; pink paper - by Amanda Rockwell; stamped alpha - by Michelle Coleman; bubbles - by Gina Miller; font - Times New Roman

Journaling reads: We love the fact that during swim meets, you girls wear your matching pink caps. It is just sooooo much easier to spot all of you amongst all the other swimmers in the pool, and makes it quicker for us to train our camera lenses your way while you are in the water. Also, people pretty much know who we’re cheering for: just look for those girls in the cheetah-print caps, looking pretty in pink.

Credits: kit - 2 Little Girls by Sharia Braxton at Divine Digital; background paper (recolored) - by Gina Miller; alpha - Crayon Funky Dot Alpha by Leah Hoddinot; font - KGD Tiffany; layered sketch - by Janet Phillips

Some photos of the room where Rodney proposed to Zhar. My SILs and I helped him fix it up.

Credits: kit - Pretty in Pink by Tina Williams at Divine Digital; font - Adler, Times New Roman; layered sketch - by Johanna Berry

PROPOSAL PLANNERSMy siblings and SILs as proposal planners for our younger brother.

Journaling reads: The proposal went off as planned, without Zhar having an inkling of what was to transpire that night. Everything was coordinated beautifully by the proposal planners.

Credits: kit - Watermelon Fresh by Simone Stefmacher (moments4u) at Divine Digital; fonts - MissBrooks, DJB Lindse1 by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick; layered sketch - by Jen Caputo

Not bad work for my pink work eh? Hehehe. I guess I *can* scrap with most anything! :)



Zharmagne said...

AWESOME scraps!! Have you seen mine? hehehe! I'll get better in time...

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