Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh Baaaaaaang!!!!

Check this out:They're called baby slings and they look comfy enough! Hehehe. Ok, if not for you, maybe for Boydee? But these look great, especially for newer babies, and should work well when you have Brooke (assuming it's a girl of course, hehehe. Or Brook for a boy?).

Seems you can wrap the slings around your body any which way. I'm looking to see if they come in different sizes or if it's one size fits all. Hehehe. Ok, I just checked, they have different sizes for men and women. They have lots of different kinds of fabric, too, so this has the potential to be a LOT of fun!!! have both hands free to hang on to Bric to make sure he doesn't run all over the place!

I'm guessing you can "tie" Bric to you (or to Boydee) to make him behave, too. He should enjoy the feeling of closeness with the baby sling, I think.

I think they're very cool! :)


Joy said...

Hey Rona!
I have these. I was actually sent a free one to review on my blog. You can see it here but I would not hesitate to buy another for myself. So many people have asked me where I got it. I use it ALL the time as it keeps my hands free and I'm not worried at all that Angela would fall or anything. The only downside though is that DH can't use it as it is too small for him. I need to get him his own size.

Zharmagne said...

Because your baby is your best accessory, wear a baby sling! heheheh I got that from my friend's blog who loves baby sling in different fabrics.

Olivia said...

This is cute Te! You think Bric will fit? Hehe... Thanks for the idea :)

mom2niryza said...

this is a really kewt idea! Wish I had one of those when my kids were babies lol

Mary said...

I'm so trying to get this for my baby shower at work I've told everyone I know I want, need, should have one, LOL we have alot of Somalian pt's here at work and they always lug their lil ones like this but they use fabric from their dresses or big blankets, I'm always in awwwee when I see em wrap their lil ones! ;)