Saturday, September 08, 2007

Salcedo Market Take 2

Yes, we went to Salcedo again today. Looks like it will be a weekly event. We left the house pretty early, around 845 am, considering we had Mom and Lola with us. Hehehe. We got to Salcedo a little bit past 9 am and the place was bustling. Now I could understand what bustling markets are all about---there was a LOT of people milling about!

We went there without having breakfast, and the kids and myself were looking forward to a humongous sausage sandwich and a fruit shake to fill our empty stomachs. Yum, yum, YUMMY is all I can say. And the owner of the sausage stall made my day: She asked if I was a *model*. A model!!! I told her I wish I was a model, or even looked like one, hehehe. She replied that I looked really familiar and that maybe she saw me on TV. Made my day, I tell you, made my day :)

We saw Tita Emy and Tito Regan at the Market. Turns out they go there every week just to picnic and eat. Always a FUN thing to do, eh?

I did try something different today. I went to the French cuisine stall and bought some chicken dish. It looked like lasagna made with eggplant strips and chicken bits on the top. I forgot the French name for it, and I wouldn't hazard a guess and have the French people come down on me, hehehe. But for all its oiliness, that chicken dish was GOOD!

My goal is to try out different kinds of food every week. So yes, I think the Salcedo Market will be seeing me a little bit more regularly!

I have pics, but am too lazy to upload now. :)


Zharmagne said...

That'll be a good thing to do- try a new stall every time. I always end up eating catfish and cold flavored tea all the time. I am a creature of habit what can i say?! See you again next week.

Zharmagne said...

Oooohh Mow-dell!! Heheheh!!