Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shoe Shopping!

Early Saturday morning, I took the girls to Metro East to go shoe shopping! They were SO excited! I knew the sale was going to be until the end of the month and I wanted to be at the store early to avoid crowds. Sure enough, we pretty much had the place to ourselves for almost a good hour before other people started showing up.

Anyhoo, huge 50% off sale at Australian shoes. Raine was ecstatic as she tried on shoe after shoe after shoe. I explained to her that we would be giving Raegan priority first as Raegan had a slightly larger size. For the most part though, the girls were able to share whatever shoes they bought, pretty much doubling their "shoe capacity". Hehehe.

Surprisingly, even Raegan wanted slight wedge heels on her shimmery, sequin-y shoes! Whoa! So Raine ended up getting a silver pair, Raegan a pale yellow gold pair. There were also some flat orange beaded shoes that were just darling! I practically forced the girls to get it because *I* wanted it! Hehehe.

We went to the Ladies section to find Raegan some ballet flats (she had no size in the children's section). When we were there, the girls started squealing when they saw these 3-inch HIGH heels (wedge)!!! Oh my! They grabbed the pair of shoes and started walking in them!

Yes, my 7 year old and 9 year old girls were strutting like models in the Venetian hotel wearing these super duper sequined high heels! STRUTTING! With arms held at shoulder level, sashaying their whole bodies in the store aisles! *eyes agog here*

Can you imagine?!?! Sigh! They BEGGED me to get the shoes, which were, unfortunately, very expensive, even if they were on sale. I could have gotten them ONE pair between the both of them, but I didn't want to be responsible for them breaking their ankles in the very near future!

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Kim said...

Rona, you constantly amaze me with your anecdotes and your awesome layouts! Played catch up yet again, on your blog. The kids are surely growing up fast - heels for the girls? LOL

I have nominated you for the Creative Blogger award - check out my blog for the graphic as I don't know how to embed it in this post.

PS - I hope you get to come to the States again soon!