Friday, September 28, 2007

Rogan's Concert

Rogan has been taking Kids' Band the past 2 months. He has been practicing on a guitar and he has enjoyed it. The kids taking the enrichment class put on a concert and Rogan was part of a set of music! He played the electric guitar (because it could be heard more) and he did really well.

No pictures since they're still in Japa's camera. Sigh.

Rogan's teacher gave him an orange guitar pick, which he used. While looking at him strumming his guitar confidently, I saw an orange blur whip out of his hand. Uh oh. That would be his guitar pick, flying in the air. Ooooookay. I looked at Rogan, wondering what he would do.

The kid kept his poise and used his thumb to play his guitar! Hehehehe. Of course, the rest of his fingers were spread out trying to compensate for his thumb, but hey, he played beautifully! :)

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