Sunday, September 16, 2007


We watched Cinderella, a play by Repertory Philippines. It was a field trip and a fundraiser of sorts for the kids' school.

After mass, we had lunch at Italianni's, where I, of course, ate TOO much. Again. Old news, I guess. But Italianni's is one of my fave restaurants, so I really enjoyed our lunch, hehehe. Since we had an hour or so before the play started, we walked around the block to Bizu, a dessert place. We had macarons (yes, only 1 "o", and no, they don't look like macaroons at all....maybe it's a french term? *shrug*)---they're about 1 1/2 inches across and look like a mini sandwich. I had a couple of orange ones, and a mint. The kids each had 2 vanilla flavored ones. Yes, more eating. Sigh!

The play was good, and the kids had fun. The whole school filled all the seats, and the characters in the play even included the audience in their conversation. That's what I like about Reportory, especially if the play is specifically geared towards the children. There is interaction, and they style and act especially for the children.

The kids were enamored by Cinderella of course, no one else. I loved the Fairy Godmother the best, whoever played her. Fabulous acting and singing, and she definitely had stage presence that one.

Rogan sat beside me and he tried to act all cynical and knowledgeable about the story (which of course he knew, but still!). I wasn't sure if it was because he was beside a girl-classmate (yes, they're so conscious of the other sex at this age! Sheesh!) or because he had some of his friends behind him. *roll eyes* here. Typical boy reaction to something "cultural"? Maybe. Sigh!

After the play, we all trooped to Ayala since Daddy Doods had arrived last week, and everyone was congregating there for dinner. Doods had bought a Wii and Japa set it up.....we played Big Brain Academy and had a blast! The girls totally beat the boys 23-16! Hahahahaha! Gurlz Rule!!!

Note to self: Remind Japa to have his truck serviced early this week. He's planning on going to the province towards the end of this week, and I don't want that truck to give him any trouble. It's due for a 50,000 km check up and the starting mechanism has been giving the driver some trouble recently. And just in case he brings home coolers of seafood, his tonneau cover should be nice and snug so that nothing falls out.
{Some Scraps}
LAST SHOWERSome pics of Tita San's last bridal shower before she passed away. These were taken during my Stella's bridal shower.

Credits: kit - DeeZee by Nina Scraps Designs at OScraps; doodled flowers - Funky Flowers by Laura White (Princess Lala) at Divine Digital; hung up tags - by Katie Pertiet; scallop template - Fill A Paper Shapers by Katie the Scrapbook Lady at The Digi Shoppe; backward staples - by Rina Kroes; fonts - Vaguely Repulsive, Arial

WILLIAMSBURG COVERJournaling reads: We stayed on the second floor of this colonial type building on Speakers Court. We loved the brick houses and the general old-world feel that being in the Colonial Williamsburg area gave us.

Credits: kit- Easter Parade by Jolene Shaffer at Divine Digital; swirl stitches - by Gina Miller; kraft star - by Weeds and Wildflowers; font - Big Caslon; template, inked edges - by Janet Phillips

Yes, I'm starting our East Coast album! Whoohoohoo!!! I'm planning to have a lot more pages than the Cebu Album I made, just so it looks so much more like a coffee table book :)


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