Friday, September 14, 2007

Painting to Start...

...on the Girls' Room next Wednesday. Japa and I decided to have it done just so we can get rid of that horrid wallpaper that's up right now.

Making a mental note to self here that I *NEED* to take some before and after photos...just so I can scrap it, hehehe. Sometimes I hate starting a project because I know the expenses will escalate. For example, we had finally changed from carpet to hard wood floors. Fine. But when I looked at it, the baseboards and the walls of the rooms were looking very dinghy. As in gross. So what do we decide to do? Re-paint! Hehehe!

And thats what we're watch us decide on whether we'll still like the existing bedroom furniture that's in the girls' room. They have a bunk bed right now, nice and appropriate for the girls. But stay tuned after a week or so (after the painting is done) to see whether we'll stick with the same beds.

The bunk bed has full and twin size mattresses. Watch us suddenly decide to give the boys the bunk and let the girls have their own beds instead. that I see this typed up here, this seems to be a pretty good idea! Hehehehe. I'm envisioning beds with a canopy-like thing on top of them, with sheer fabric hanging from the ceiling.....too girly? Maybe. I know Raine will like it, but Raegan, probably not. All the same, Japa will probably hate it and say that it'll give the girls allergies that will trigger their asthma.

Sigh! Decisions! All white? All wood? Girly and princessy? Plain and simple? Didn't know deciding on furniture for the kids' room was hard!

Like I said, stay tuned on any developments on our renovation! :)


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