Friday, September 14, 2007

Travel Plans: Honeymoon

I was in Randy and Stella's room last night discussing some of their options for their honeymoon. They are going to Europe, and will be starting off in either Rome or Paris. From there, they are planning to go to Switzerland and spend some time there.

They really want to make the most of their time in Switzerland, and that was what we were talking about last night. We discussed the pros and cons of driving, of taking the train, etc. My advice was for them to pick a "home base," so to speak, and then plan some weekend breaks or hort breaks in their trip to other attractions, or other nearby countries. That way, it'll be waaaaay less of a hassle to keep packing and unpacking their things with each trip that they take.

We were looking at some RCI resorts where they could pick from and I explained to them that most of the resorts were outside of the city. Less congestion, and really, just so much prettier to stay out in the suburbs. Those resorts are out there probably for the locals who want to take some City breaks and breathe the fresh air of the country.

Their next step: to scout around for some cheap flights from here to Europe. Or maybe from the States? They'll have more chances of finding something that way.

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