Monday, September 03, 2007

Where's the Tooth Fairy???

Where is someone when you need her the most?!? Aaaargh! I have a MAJOR toothache and it's killing me!!!

Was that opening paragraph a tad bit too dramatic? Hehehehe. Ugh! I hate having toothaches more than anything else in the world. Give me a migraine anytime. At least with my migraines, I know they'll go away with Excedrin. But with toothaches? No matter what pain killer I take, they'll be back because I have yet to go to the dentist. Aaargh!

It is SUCH a pain to have to sit here at work AND in pain. It's best when I'm lying down obviously, as gravity does NOT pull the dang tooth vein or whatever downward!

Here's hoping my new best friends ---Tylenol and Flanax--- help me get better!

Editing here: I might as well upload some unseen layouts....that is, unseen by my few loyal blog readers, hehehe. *wink*

Starting an album of our recent trip to the East Coast.

Credits: For the ADSR Challenge 7 (my partner, Katie the Scrapbook Lady added the embellies from the same kit.) ; kit - French Countryside collab kit by Christina Renee and Shabby Princess; stamped alpha - by Michelle Coleman; font - CK Classical

Raine hating life whenever she was dressed in fancy dresses.

Journaling reads: Raine would always cry when she was made to wear fancy dresses. She hated the itchy lacy petticoats.

Quote from Annie, the Broadway musical: You're never fully dressed without a smile.

by Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative: background paper, stamped alpha - Lilac Garden; paint splatter, brackets, swirl, ribbons, "to" and "cry" tags - Treehouse Park; smile tag - Foxy Lady; sparkle action on the brackets - thanks to Atomic Cupcake; vintage frame - by Katie Pertiet; fonts - KGD Tiffany, KGD Bretta


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