Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Birthdays on the Moon Festival

Happy Birthday, RJ and Krystal! Yup, more birthdays, this time my cousins from different sides of the family.

Today is also the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated by the Chinese. Bang enthusiastically encouraged us to join some dice game played with dice (of course) and some hopia, small chinese bread with monggo filling inside. I'm not too sure of the mechanics yet, but I'm sure I'll know them by the end of tonight! To enter, we pay P200 so yes, I have the kids signed up as well, hehehehe. I'm sure they'll be excited to roll those dice. The important thing is for the 4s to show up, that's all I know. I'll blog about our little moon festival party later tonight.

In States news, Randy just told us that the escrow for the office fell through. Again. At the rate we're going, we may not move to Las Vegas by year end. Oh well. No hurry, since Polaris is still unsold as well. I guess the real estate market in the States haven't caught up to the government lowering interest rates. The potential buyers were saying something about the lenders having too high of an interest. They're investing in some Tampa real estate as well, so they're pretty stretched for cash, too. Oh well. I told Mom the third time's a charm! Hopefully, that time will come soon, with an offer we can't refuse! :)

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