Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The kids' dentist texted me to let me know that Raegan would be needing some preventive braces. Wha?!?! Is this some new contraption invented to wheedle more money from parents?!?! Sigh!!!

Apparently, Raegan's lower teeth aren't all aligned properly. Having the preventive appliance (yes, that was what the dentist called it! Ugh, huh?) this early (Raegan's 9) is the best time to "train" the teeth to grow properly.

Ooookaaaay. And how much is this going to cost?!? Try P28,000!!!! Aaaaargh! At least, we are allowed to pay it in 2 installments instead of coughing up everything at one time! Sheesh! Our insurance won't cover it (doesn't cover dental work) and even if dental work was covered, I don't think braces are part of it. Oh well. I wonder if we can pay the charlotte cosmetic dentist a visit for another opinion? Braces are cosmetic, aren't they?

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