Saturday, September 15, 2007

Do You Want Some Action?

We all want a little bit of action in our lives....but if you're a scrapper, you want actionS. What are they? They're a means to make your photos a whole LOT better. Yes, even if you do shoot with a DSLR, hehehe. I've tried some actions on the photos Japa takes with his DSLR and they still come out a little bit better.

Check this out:
Not bad eh? And it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg either. I've downloaded the actions and am going to start playing with them (once I've loaded them onto PS of course). It is SO much fun to use actions....the stuff they do to your pictures, unbelievable! And it makes me much more excited to scrap when I see the results after running the action on the photo.

Listen to me talk. Hehehe. Seems I may need some sort of addiction treatment to all this. And the weekend is just beginning, yikes! There are sales all around the digiscrapping community and I am off to visit the stores!

Will let you know (and show!) what yummy stuff I've gotten! Hang on to my Paypal! :)

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