Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's SeptemBER

And then the other BER months follow. OctoBER, NovemBER, DecemBER. Before we know it, it's Chtistmas time!!! Aaaargh! Yes, in this commercialized world of ours, this means it is time to go shopping!

I like to shop early on. Whenever there are sales, I go shopping, always trying to think ahead. That means birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. I find Christmas a LOT harder to deal with, simply because we give EVERYONE gifts. That includes family, friends, the kids' classmates (I have THREE kids in school now!!!), the kids' teachers, household help.

What's a woman to do?!?!? I always look forward to Thanksgiving sales. Even if I'm not in the States, there is always the power of ONLINE shopping!! Whoohoohoo!!! I've done this a lot in the past few years, and sure, I've spent a lot too. Talk about instant gratification!

And because I spend a lot, I tend to look for sites that help me save money. Sites where they offer coupons. Trust me when I say I really do use the great coupons available online. I've used them, and I've saved!

Now, for Christmas, I've already bookmarked the sites for Target, Best Buy and Amazon. Still more sites I like to consider for Christmas shopping, especially for my godkids in the States (it's easier to send them gift cards or have the stuff delivered), Gap. And since practically my whole family is slowly converting to Apple computers, heck, I've bookmarked the Apple site as well.

So in future posts, come back to see what I'm considering....or what I've bought. Hehehe.

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