Friday, September 21, 2007

Office Stuff

I was really hard pressed to concentrate while at work today. Those cold meds really get you down, don't they? I did try to work on finishing up off the job descriptions today. These will be the basis for the performance appraisals which NEED to be done this month. Yikes! I also have to update our organizational chart and plot where people stand and their possibility for promotion either vertically or horizontally. I honestly need to have some succession planning in place to keep the employees happy. Because really, for a lot of people, having a raise is all nice and hunky dory, but having a TITLE is even more a big of a deal. Sigh! So many things to balance, eh?

And I'm all for promoting from within the ranks. I also detest having to hire incompetent people just because they're relatives! Sad practice here in the Philippines, nepotism, but it's a fact of life. Mom and Dad want to help out some of the less fortunate relatives out there but sometimes.......sigh! Oh well. At least we can weed out the really bad ones.

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