Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Day of Movies

Yup, we watched a couple of movies today. In the morning, first showing, I took the girls and Rogan (yes, Rogan) to watch Bratz the movie. I saw the trailers when we saw Nancy Drew and it looked pretty good.
The movie *was* pretty ok. A bit shallow, but ok. I was trying to explain to Japa the relative shallowness of it when he reminded me that the movie's target market was KIDS. Hehehe. So true! And with that perspective, I think Bratz was ok.

I loved Sasha; I think she is uber pretty and those eyes are just amazing! But my fave Bratz is Jade (ever since) and whoever played her is another cutie. Brainy, but fashionable. She looked great in this movie.

The er, antagonist, Meredith, kind of reminded me of Sharpay Evans in HSM. That's High School Musical for those of you who don't know. :)

In fact, HSM and Bratz were a little bit similar, but HSM had more music and production numbers.

The plot was eh *wave your hand here like you're emulating a rocking boat*. Could've been loads better and more exploratory, but like Japa said, it's meant for kids and it was ok for the kids.

Raine's eyes were all agog when she espied various fashionable outfits on the Bratz girls. Sigh! I swear she went to see the movie just for fashionista tips! Raegan had some outbursts of "cool!"; seemed like she couldn't control herself. Hehehe. Rogan was busy chowing on clover chips and cheese popcorn.

In the afternoon, Japa and I went with Boydee and Bang and Lola and RJ to Gateway, this REALLY FANCY movie place. Lazy Boy, plush leather seats, and all you can munch popcorn and coke (no diet though, bummer). I told Japa that we should go see movies at Gateway whenever we can.

We watched Shoot 'Em Up. Ok....can someone say slapstick?!? Hehehehe. It was an okay movie, too. Thrilling definitely, and full of action. Impossible scenes for the most part, but was pretty interesting. Clive Owen would have made an AWESOME James Bond. I'd be glued to the screen if he were 007!

We had some lively discussion about this movie when our little group trooped to Chicken Bacolod for an early dinner. We were laughing up a storm as we tried to remember most of the impossible-thing-to-happen kind of scenes from the movie.

All in all, because it was action packed, I liked this movie. The plot could have used some beefing up, but I guess I'm trying to be TOO intelligent sounding, hahahaha! The Gateway theater more than made up for the whole experience though!

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