Sunday, September 16, 2007

Renovation: Lighting

Ok. On Wednesday this week, work will begin on the girls' room. Making a mental note to self that I have to withdraw some money to give a down payment to the contractor. He is going to be buying some paint --- I specified lead-free of course--- and he will start stripping the dang wallpaper from the girls' room. It's been 10 years or so, and I'm not afraid to rip it out.

Now, we're modernizing the walls a lot, but my dilemma is still changing the lighting fixtures. Our rooms still have the old-fashioned chandeliers, courtesy of Mom and Dad when Abada was still their home. You know, the crystal-type ones, those that you see in, er...museums maybe? Hehehehe. Exaggerating a little bit, but these chandeliers are at least a quarter of a century old, making me classify them with the fine arts lamps as the museums really have.

I was thinking maybe a recessed ceiling, and then have some side lighting with these wonderful, not-so modern looking george kovacs lamps:


The 2 left most ones have matching table lamps as well, and I think these might fit nicely in the girls' room IF we decide to take out the existing chandelier.

Crossing my fingers that I remember to take before and after photos of the transformation! :)

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