Saturday, September 22, 2007

Freeing Up Some Space

I finally did it! I am freeing up a whole LOT of space from my laptop!!! With my move to an iMac, I have found it very hard to scrap the past couple of weeks. I have files in my laptop, on my hard drive, and on the desktop. Yes, as in plural. I have been going crazy trying to juggle all those files and trying to figure out where I put what. Sheesh!

Anyhoo, I've been transferring ALL my scrapbooking files from my laptop into my new 500 gig EHD. I figure I'd just lug this EHD around and use it to access all my scrapbooking files. Added weight in my bag, but hey, what's another pound or two right? Then with files in hand, so to speak, I can now scrap using my wonderful new laptop. I have just beefed it up from 1 gig of memory to a wonderfully speedy 3 gigs of RAM!!! Whoohoohoo!!!

A lot of the gals in the digiscrapping community stand by their Dell computers. I've never tried Dell out but the girls say that Dell specs are some of the best out there for the price. For both laptops and desktops. I like the ones that come with a slim casing for desktop computers. They're all the rage now, especially with desk real estate becoming more and more precious. At least, to me it's precious. I hate working with a lot of clutter on my desk; most days, though, I just deal with it.

Rondic has also said that Dell has been transforming their marketing and has been pretty successful at it. I know a Dell was one of his options for a new laptop. Yup, it's that time for our laptops: Dic, Lai, Mom, me. We've gotten our laptops within a few months of each other and I know mine's going on it's 3rd yes, I think it's time to consider other options.

Wish me luck! I'm *still* waiting for files to be copied onto my EHD and waiting to be deleted. So far, I've freed up 40+ gigabytes of space! Now I'm crossing my fingers Photoshop will be flying soon! :)

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