Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Asthma Attacks and Black Fingers

No connection between the two, really, except for the fact that it happened to family :)

Rogan still has difficulty breathing; there's some wheezing in his lungs, from what I can tell. Yes, he's being nebulized 2-3 times a day, sans a visit to his pediatrician. I'm talking him tomorrow just to make sure. Our huge clunky nebulizer, although serving it's purpose, needs to be replaced with something more mobile, like a portable oxygen concentrator. Not a major "appliance", but a small nebulizer looks like. AND operates on batteries! How nifty is that! He's on ventolin now and taking his allergy spray, so he's going back to school today.

Now. Black fingers. Mom and Dad BOTH had minor accidents yesterday. Mom for some reason, had stuck her finger inside the electric fan which was still ON. She said she was reaching for something and wham! The blade had hit her finger. It was a stroke of luck that the fan wasn't on full strength AND that Mom hadn't stuck her whole finger in!

Notice I said black fingerS. As in plural. Dad had his spill yesterday, too. He had gotten up from a chair, lost his balance, and had gripped the back of his chair, thinking that it would prevent him from falling. Uh......NOT without some major weight on that chair, Dad! He fell towards the ice machine, grazing his left cheek which left a small cut AND pinning some of his fingers between the chair and the ice machine. The result: a MAJOR black thumb that did not look pretty!

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