Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Renovation: Painting

Well, I did it! I gave the contractor a down payment of P15,000 to paint the girls' room. The balance will be given to him upon completion of everything in there: the stripping of wallpaper, painting the walls, reconstructing some closets in the bathroom, painting those closets. Maybe I can even squeeze in a new TV cabinet (or TV table) from him :). Or maybe even repainting the window frames.

Those babies are SO old! Older even than the wallpaper, I think! Hehehehe. Japa and I have been thinking of changing those as well, when budget permits. I detest the grills that are on them now. Ugh! I'm thinking of casement windows or tilt and turn windows. These types:

And yes, they seem to have a double glazing finish on them, which means that they don't have to painted again for a long time! :) Which is what I REALLY need!

All these Home improvements projects of mine are going to be costing a bundle, I think. But I'm having fun trying to decide stuff, you know? I also ask the kids for their opinions, since it's their room, and it's fun to see what they think of things, too.

Lots of stuff for me to do! Decide on a color scheme---gotta go to Pottery Barn for Kids for that, hehehe---and take before pictures!

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