Friday, September 14, 2007

Booooored at Work

Maybe I'm too FULL from all the eating we did last night? Ugh! Too sleepy, for sure! I mean, I didn't go back to bed after the manyanita yesterday morning!

I have been productive while at work though...I submitted 4 quick pages for review to this designer I CT for. Just waiting for her comments. Hey, I was productive FOR work as well, finishing my work on updating current job descriptions. I've also sent those out to the officers for some feedback. Waiting for those to come in as well. Starting on payroll figures now......

But here are some scraps in the meantime, some squares and some rectangles:

PPG, PINATA, PICTURESFor the ADSR Challenge 9.

One of my most embarassing moments happened during Raegan's birthday party. Read on....

Journaling reads: For Raegan’s 4th birthday party, we had set up the backyard with cutouts of the Power Puff Girls, balloons, and a huge pinata of Buttercup. When it was time to break the pinata, Mama, in her rush to take photos from above (on the terrace level), rushed across the whole yard..... and..... slipped. In a MAJOR way! On her butt, almost flat on her back. With camera around her neck and frantic that she might miss photo opportunities, she jumped and ran up the stairs. All for the sake of pictures! Everything was caught on video, much to the consternation....and undying embarassment...of Mama.

Credits: kit - Eclectic Sass by Royanna Fritschmann at My Digital Muse; ribboned flowers, glittery swirl - from the DST Birthday Glitz kit; beaded staples - by Amy Martin at The Lily Pad; P alpha - Polkabet by Kate Hadfield at The Lily Pad; photo filter action - by Holly McCaig; fonts - My Own Topher, DJB Annalise by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick

MY PSPJournaling reads: The instant that Rondic got his PSP for his birthday, you couldn’t pry his hands off of it. He was playing with it night and day. WIth his obsession with his new toy, you would think he was 13 instead of 33!

Credits: kit - Grass by Cyndi Wetmiller (Wetfish Designs) at Divine Digital; scalloped frame, seed beads, flower - Saturday Market by Dani Mogstad at SSD;

Ranger, not wanting to take a picture with one of his godmothers, hehehe.

Journaling reads: Hey, I don’t want a picture with Ninang Avic....No. no, no picture! Ok, fine. Take a picture, but I’m just going to stand here.

Credits: kit - Dippety Doo by Trish Jones; swirls - Big Ages Swirls by Trish Jones; vintage frame - by Katie Pertiet; fonts - DJB Ashli by Darcy Baldwin, Arial Narrow

FAMILY IS MY PLACEFor the ADSR Challenge 10

Journaling reads: It is with extreme satisfaction and confidence when I say that my absolute favorite place in the entire world to be and to go my FAMILY: whether my parents, my brothers, my new sisters, or my own family, it is only with family that I feel safe, secure, and loved unconditionally. No matter where we are in the world, just as long as we stand together, we are strong and can face anything that life throws at us.

Credits: papers - Inspire Me 2 by Nina Scraps Designs at Oscraps; ribbon and grommets - Simple Pleasures by Nina Scraps Designs; word tags - Friends by Nina Scraps Designs; f - Creating Beauty by Weeds and Wildflowers; a - Bookplate Alpha by Christina Renee; m - French Countryside alpha by Christina Renee and Shabby Princess; i - Back to School by Kristy Ann Designs; l - Antique Paper Alpha by Meredith Fenwick; y - French Countryside alpha by Christina Renee and Shabby Princess; font - DJB Janet by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick; template - by Traci Reed

TTFN! I'll be back!

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