Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lazy Day Of Sorts

I think we were tired from all the excitement last night during the Moon Festival, hehehe. I did get up (later than usual) and I did drag my butt over to the treadmill to do my Couch to 5K program though! So I was proud of myself for doing that! :)

When I got to the office, Dad was behind my desk, having his lunch of Beef Bowl. I told him to stay put and I sat down on my massage bed right next to my desk :) Yes, it's there for just-in-case instances when my back would hurt from sitting down too long. I checked my email and surfed the boards a bit, and that was it.

I left the office early to take my boys to the doctor. Ranger's stye (sp?) was too big for comfort (and it looked like it hurt) and I wanted Rogan's progress on self-prescribed asthma medication confirmed by their pediatrician.

The pediatrician put Ranger on antibiotics (poor baby!) and prescribed an appetite stimulant, which relieved ME, because I felt he wasn't eating properly. He doesn't like rice, he'll only eat chicken and catsup, or fish sticks or lumpia or tempura. Anything, just as long as he can dip it into some condiment. "Sauce", he calls it. Hehehe.

Whatever we were doing with Rogan was ok. The nebulization, the medicine. He was given Zyrtec for his allergies and we were told to go back IF neither boy's condition improved. I'm crossing my fingers we don't go back. I hate going to the clinic on Saturdays.

Note to self: Have Japa's and my wedding bands cleaned. Too much lotion and soap getting into the diamonds make them lose their luster. Mom said something about dipping or cleaning them with vinegar. Not sure how much of an old wives' tale that is, but hey, whatever works, right? I'd love for my ring to shine again :)

I love having a blog---I can actually write down my mental notes to self, hehehe.


Here are some layouts for our East Coast album. I'm doing good work on this album---I want it nice and thick and we took TONS of photos, too! :)

Journaling reads: We walked the one mile path from the Visitors’ Center to Williamsburg’s Historic Area. We passed brick tunnels, plantations and creeks as we traveled through time to experience what life was like as a colonist on the eve of the American Revolution.

Credits: kit - Ice by Ronee Parsons at Oscraps; brown paper - Earth by Ronee Parsons; blue journaling background - by Katie the Scrapbook Lady; star - by Gina Miller; font - DJB Teacher by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick; template, curl, staple, pin - by Jen Caputo

Journaling reads:
From left to right, clockwise:
1. The Randolph House
2. A Windmill
3. A Barber and Wig Shop
4. The Capitol
5. The DeWitt Wallace and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museums

Credits: kit - Fire by Ronee Parsons at Oscraps; stars - Sizzlin Stars by Gina Miller
tears - by Jen Caputo; font - DJB Janelle by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick

OUR PICNIC LUNCHJournaling reads: It wasn’t the fanciest place nor was it the most expensive place for lunch, but because it was just the two of us, it didn’t matter where we were, or even what we ate. Ok, that’s pushing it, but the Root Beer went really well with our Ham and Cheese sandwiches, capped off by yummy apple crumb cake and a chocolate chip cookie from Greenhow’s Store. We weren’t alone though, we had squirrels and birds to keep us company.

Credits: kit - Sunflower Days by Bannerwoman at Scrappin Freestyle; photo cluster - by Nancy Comelab; font - DJB Janelle by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick



Zharmagne said...

According to Lai, brush your rings with toothpaste-- it might make them shine again bec it ain't working on my pearly whites hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Fill a small dish with tap water enough to cover white or yellow gold pieces of jewellery. Add a teeny-weeny bit of dishwashing liquid. Soak for a couple of hours and you will notice the collected grime and dirt at the bottom of the dish. Rinse all pieces of jewellery well. This has worked for me all the time. Hope it does for you as well.

misspiggy (brisvegas, oz)