Monday, January 28, 2008

Zhu Hai, China

Japa and I braved the cold and the wind and went swimming. In 9 degree weather. Brrrr. Yes, the pool was heated, but the outside was most definitely NOT! Hehehe. We did 20 laps, to help prepare us for the aquathlon we wanted to join with the kids next month. A 500-meter swim and a 2.5 km run. Once we were done, we rushed out of there!


Zhu Hai has got to be THE biggest warehouse tiangge evah. As in, I told Japa NOT to go anywhere without me because I knew I wasn't going to be able to find the meeting place by myself. There were so many aisles crisscrossing everywhere, I swear I couldn't concentrate in the first hour or so because every nook and cranny was PACKED with stalls!!!

I ended up getting the kids some chinese clothes, a ton of Pokemon figures for Rogan, some leggings for the girls, and some DS rubber cases for the girls, among other things. Nothing really for me, because obviously, they didn't have extra extra large sizes there, hmp!

We ate at this teeny tiny restaurant and out of the 4 tables that we occupied, I guess our table (and Bang and Boydee) knew what we wanted, because our food was pretty good. Mom's and Dic's tables were just blah. Hehehe.

And so we wandered around the entire complex for most of the day. Yes, even Dad was there the whole time. True, he didn't get up from his wheelchair, but he has gotten stronger from all his PT and OT sessions for sure. He didn't complain, he was just taking it all in. The weather helped, since if it were boiling hot he'd be in a cranky mood and would demand to go home to the hotel. As it was, it was a MIRACLE that we all met at the specific time and place we agreed to in the beginning.

Then it was back through immigration and into the buses that would take us to the Venetian.

And that was our WHOLE day.

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