Saturday, January 12, 2008

TGI Saturday!!!

Oh blessed Saturday!! Hehehe. After this stressful week, I NEED this day. But wait, I just remembered, we have a Board Meeting scheduled for today. Aaaaaargh!!! Randy requested a special Board just for our US companies. Ugh ugh and ugh! Oh well. At least we get to eat good food first, in La Vista, hehehe. Sigh! I really really hate working on weekends! Lai and I will have our laptops out though, during the meeting, seeing as we have a deadline on Monday. So I guess I've got office work to do this whole, entire weekend! Man!

We're talking about washers and stuff for the meeting. A minor part of it, anyway. Seems some marketing needs to be done to have this particular company make more profits. Maybe branch out into related Delta machinery? Who knows? Something, anything would be nice so that income would increase without much effort.

Oh, doctor day today, too. Almost forgot about that. Ranger needs to go see his pediatrician. I have a feeling he's going to need another round of strong meds yet again to help combat his asthma.

I did get up early to scrap a page:

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