Monday, January 21, 2008

Shrine Sales

With all the hustle AND hassle of getting all the merchandising stuff ready for the Relics' visit, we are relieved to learn that we have been successful (so far) in raising much needed funds for the Relics' freight. Who would have thought that the Reliquary would weigh a whopping 400 pounds?!?!?

It was not easy coming up with different kinds of imprinted promotional products. And of COURSE they had to be imprinted to be the "official" merchandise of the Relics' Visit, right? We were off by a LOT after the first couple of days and we had to scramble to get more shirts and hankies printed. The best-selling items were the chaplets. Not the plastic, regular kind (although sales of that chaplet went well as well), but the pearl ones! And those were homemade, assigned to the maids in Abada and Apitong! Hehehe. At least they'll make a little bit for their labor, right?

The Relics leave for the Visayas in a few days, and we're *still* scrambling to get merchandise ready for our people to take while they go on "tour" with the Relics. We have got to raise those funds for the freight! So here's hoping that the merchandise will sell during the Visayan tour!


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