Friday, January 04, 2008

Starting the Year Right

New Year, new resolutions. It's always nice to see everything we MEAN to do sometime during the year in black and white, right?

A few things I *have* to list down. Some random stuff as they enter my mind as I type:
1. have x-rays taken of the household help - this is a must as we have the kids to consider
2. schedule myself for all kinds of tests - from thyroid to brain (for constant migraines) back to maybe a colon cleanse?
3. exercise more
4. take more vitamins - especially calcium!
5. take an accounting course of some kind
6. be involved in work more
7. decrease the number of creative teams I'm on - just pick those that I *really* want to stay on
8. spend more time with the kids doing "fun" stuff :)
9. take the time to check on the kids' school stuff - I've been neglecting this, big time
10. LOSE weight!!! - this is almost always on my list but somehow it never gets done, hehehe.
Oh my! Random and I have TEN things already?!?!?

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