Sunday, January 27, 2008

Off to Macau

Dark and early (the sun wasn't even out yet), Japa, Rondic, Lai and I were the first to arrive at the airport. Surprisingly, before we even got there, Mom and Dad were already on their way! Whoa! Major achievement there, on Dad's part!

Luckily, as we were checking in, the lady at the counter asked us if we wanted to have seats on the upper deck. Apparently, we were using a 747-400 from Manila to Hong Kong.....and the business class section was open to economy passengers! Being early DOES pay off, Ma! hehehe. So yes, we told her we would LOOOOOVE to have those big cushy seats; we requested her to block of the number of seats we needed for the rest of the family as well. So we traveled in style to Hong Kong!!! :)

We get to Hong Kong and waited a bit for the Hydrofoil. While waiting, we were happy to see that there was FREE Wi-Fi!!! So we whiled away the time looking at the newest Filipino sensation to hit American Idol, Renaldo Lapuz: (LOL!)

For almost a full hour, we looked at different versions of this song on the internet. Hehehe. Too funny, totally Pinoy, man!

Then it was Hydrofoil time. Ugh. Can anyone say seasickness??? Here's Japa as proof of that ride:
We stayed at the palatial Venetian Hotel, a replica of the one in Las Vegas, although this seemed to be bigger, and grander.

Some pics as we walked through the Grand Canal Shoppes:

And that's that!

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Zharmagne said...

Bang's facial expression is hilarious! Parang nalugi! hahaha!