Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Robin!

Another birthday party! Dinner at La Vista, pretty much just family. Lai and I got to La Vista early and were so hungry we started munching on junk food and C2 drinks. Hehehe. But Mom told us we were going to have some imported steak for dinner, and that made us put everything down. Didn't want to ruin a good steak, you know!

The steak was blah. Nothing great. I wasn't all that happy with what we ate. Maybe it's because I'm subconsciously trying not to eat too much? Hehehehe. But honestly, we have had better food before. It was okay, but I guess I was expecting more? Or maybe all that junk food had ruined my appetite? Hehehe. Oh well.

Ranger sounded like a little sick boy tonight :(. His cough definitely had some phlegm in it and he looked really pale. So definitely some Calpol tonight, and monitoring of his temperature just in case. I don't want him catching another bout of pneumonia only a month after his last episode of it. It IS another asthma attack, I can see that now. Sigh! My high-need baby boy! At the rate we're going, giving him tons of meds just to be able to control his asthma and pneumonia/bronchitis, we may be headed for drug treatment centers in the future! Noooooooo!!!! That is SOOOO not going to happen! With luck, he'll be like his siblings and outgrow the asthma! Time for some nebulization for my baby!

I got to scrap a page! I don't know when and how but I did! Maybe early in the morning when I woke up?


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