Sunday, January 13, 2008

Desperately Finishing Up the Website

Yes, that's what I'm doing. The Relics of St. Therese will be arriving on Tuesday, and I am NOWHERE near finishing up the website! Yikes! So yes, I still needed yesterday's ME time to scrap. I think that helped refresh my mind a bit and helped me dabble in some creative juices.

Check out what I've done at the website for featuring the 2nd Visit of the Pilgrim Relics to the Philippines. Thank goodness for iWeb, it's made my life sooooo much easier! Easy, ready-made templates plus the stuff that I've picked up while bloggine here, made it not-so-difficult to come up with the site.

Most of the Pilgrim Relics visit is up, and a lot more little tweaks here and there and I should be happy with the result. Not bad, for a first-timer, hehehe. Now........all the updating will be another story. I think that part will be oh-so time consuming in the next month or so!

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