Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Page Done

Alright! Thank goodness for the Cookie Decorating Challenge over at Sweet Shoppe Designs, I finished another page again! Yeah! I love this challenge because it gives me a template I get to work with. And if you know me, I just LOVE using templates to scrap! It just makes it easier to start a page. And once I've started, the creative juices usually start flowing! :)

Here's the page I came up with, using the template given for the Cookie Decorating Challenge:


And of course I used up yet another CT kit to do this one. Love how it turned out! Hehehe. Listen to me tooting my horn. I just love how when a page turns out greater than what you expect!

Oh, and here's a video that Japa uploaded to YouTube....featuring Raegan! Hahahaha! She dies with embarrassment each time we click on play on this video, but it is so cute! You gotta love iPhoto, hehehe.

Enjoy the video! :)

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