Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Tita San!

It would have been her 51st birthday today. We celebrated it nevertheless, at St Alphonsus, with Fr Benny presiding. Short and sweet sermon followed by yummy dinner at Ponzo's. And yes, I ate a lot. Again.

{The DASH}

Fr Benny said that our lives, as seen on our tombstones, are defined by our birth date, our date of death, and the dash in the middle of those dates. Out of all three, the most important one is the DASH. This short, single line represents our entire life: what we did with our lives. This dash defines what we were, who we were. So the question is, how meaningful is that little dash that will represent our whole life when we die? Will it represent so much, or is it just a line? Only we can tell, only we can control what that dash will mean.

For Tita San, her dash is laden with who she was. She was a strong, vibrant, bursting-with-life woman. She was mother, sister, aunt, friend, confidante, and a whole lot of things. She brightened a room when she entered it, she filled that room with laughter, with music, with love. She is missed for sure, but she won't be forgotten.

Happy Birthday, Tita San, wherever you are! We love you and we miss you!

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