Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Trip!

Well, yes, France was canceled pretty much at the last minute, but Mom instructed Rondic to start looking for fares to Macau. I have NO idea WHY we're going to Macau----it's not like we haven't seen it. Methinks mother dear WANTS to go to that shopping street that Randy and Stella went to after Christmas. Not sure what it's named, but it's in some tunnel between Macau and China.

Dic was able to find some rates for airfare and the Venetian. A bit pricey, and it was for 5 days. We were saying that 5 days is TOO long for Macau, but the Venetian seems like a good place to stay; maybe it's the same line as the Las Vegas hotel one with the same name? I'm hoping that it is because they have big rooms!

I did scrap this page today:

I'm forcing the issue of some ME time just so I can scrap. REEEAAALLLY late at night. Can't let go of the mojo once it starts flowing, right? *wink*


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