Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cleaning Up

I can just imagine the all the firework junk over at Apitong after last night. Yikes! Major clean up, for sure! Here at home, it's major cleaning up as well, with Christmas gifts all over the place, and some wrapper strewn somewhere in the room and den. Sigh!

I need to get some plastic containers for the kids' toys for rotation purposes. I think I got that idea from Janet Phillips, but I'm not sure. The kids' toys are stored in huge bins, with only a few toys left out. The bin stays hidden in the closet. After a few weeks, or when I see the kids being bored with the current set of toys, it's time to take out the toy bin and rotate in and out some toys. According to Janet, it works like a charm, and the toys stay nice and neat at the same time! I soooooo need that organization and method to all this toy-chaos in the days following Christmas!

The rest of the house isn't looking too spiffy either. Because of the Christmas rush, doing some fixing up was put on hold. Yes, the upstairs looks a lot neater with the new wooden floors in, but the downstairs definitely leaves something to be desired, hehehe.

I was reading on the scrapping boards about the new Dyson vacuum cleaner. Seems it's a huge hit, and a lot of people got it for Christmas gifts. I need that cyclone-type of suction for the gross dust in the carpet downstairs. Ugh. I shudder to think about how thick it's gotten! Our old vacuum cleaner sounds pitiful in comparison to the Dyson power that the website says it has. I can just imagine. This vacuum would work well here since for some reason we accumulate a ton of dust. I'm not sure if it's the surrounding, or if it's due to Shirley's cleaning incompetence.

We're slowly going to renovate the downstairs as well, changing the carpets to wooden floors. A slow (not to mention expensive!) process, but it's got to be done. I *want* the look of the house changed! But a vacuum cleaner---most likely a handheld---will be retained because I want the mattresses, pillows, curtains, sofas, etc, to be vacuumed once in a while. The boys have asthma, and it's improved by leaps and bounds ever since we got the wooden floors :) So yes, we still need a vacuum cleaner, and one with super duper strong suction at that.

Ok, off to scrap some much needed pages. It's been a loooong time since I scrapped and I need my ME time :)

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