Sunday, January 06, 2008

Passion for Poker

Despite the fact that I am in Cebu, my dear husband decided to play poker and the kids were left at Apitong to have an impromptu sleepover. Sigh! Japa played with his college friends and luckily, he came out on top again to win enough for the marketing, hehehe.

With wins such as these, he has my blessing to play poker every once in a while *wink*. Yes, every once in a while is good. There are days (and nights!) of course where I'd rather have him at home. And there is an alternative to poker at home: Mac Poker. Imagine playing poker right in the comforts of home. No mess, no silly chit chat (although I think the boys look for this, hehehe), no smoke, no need for hard drinks (again, they may really look for this). And hey, he's got a Mac, so he can actually sign up at this site!

There are options for Fulltilt Poker and Poker Stars. Not exactly sure what those are, but they seen interesting to play. This poker online site is well thought of. Even for someone like me who is no big fan of poker, I can easily navigate the site. Love the green background, reminiscent of the poker table. See? Even I noticed that and made a connection! :) I didn't know there were lots and lots of different kinds of poker plays out there. There's an explanation for the different kinds of the site if you want to read it and impress your significant other for spewing of some poker terminology.

And again, the best part is that dear hubby can play while he's here at home. Yeah!

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