Thursday, January 24, 2008

Board, Band and 'By


First Board Meeting for the year! Wasn't TOO bad, considering people were going in and out of the meeting! Hehehe. The meeting started half an hour late, Lai came in late. I had to leave a few minutes after the meeting started, Mom had to leave a half hour after that for Mass, and Dad had scheduled OT in the early afternoon. Oh, and Boydee was gone, too, for an emergency meeting at the Shrine.

But we had quorum, and the meeting continued throughout the day.


I had to leave early for an hour because Rogan had a mini-concert with the rest of the Kids' Band members at school. So off I went to see this artistic child of ours :)

See the excitement, the concentration, the pride :) Obvious eh? He really loves doing Band.

{ruBY anniversary}

Yup, that's the 'BY in the title, hehehe. The Sisterhood with the twins (and later on Rondic) and Tito Lito met at Agave in Eastwood to discuess plans for Mom and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary. Agave was a Mexican restaurant; loved their Chicken Burrito and thoroughly enjoyed the scrumptious frozen Strawberry Margaritas! In fact, we had 2 pitchers' worth of the stuff! YUMMMMMMM!!!!

In the process, we got Lai feeling pretty hot---er, warm---hehehe, and Zhar feeling a little bit tipsy. Stella was excused since she was pregnant, and Bang......hmm...she called it quits after 2 glasses I think, hehehe. Me? I drank the rest! More like GULPED it! I totally MISS this stuff!

Anyhoo, plans. We set up an e-group to discuss options and keep everyone abreast of developments. The work has been divided and delegated. Can't say anymore here just in case dear Momma suddenly decides to read this blog. Hehehe.

I scrapped again! Yeah!
What a day! :)

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