Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The previous post got me thinking. Even though we live in an area with tropical weather, we still use our air conditioning since we all like to sleep comfortably at night. We've also been having a rash of coughs and colds the past few weeks; I've been hit in a major way when I started coughing, and my sinuses were hit as bad, causing me to have some migraines. Not a good thing to have while hurriedly wrapping all those gifts! :)
The boys have had asthma attacks as well, and Ranger especially, had to be nebulized for 2 cycles in the past month or so. Weather changes are likely the culprit. I was reading up on humidifiers and how they can help prevent allergies by somehow "injecting" some moisture into the air. I *know* I gave Japa a small room humidifer a few years back; I think I have to unearth the thing to see how much of an advantage it is for the boys to have. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him actually use it! Maybe he wants a branded one, something like a honeywell humidifier. At least their product ranges from small humidifiers to some that can encompass the whole house!

The honeywell site is pretty informative too, considering there is so MUCH to know about humidifiers! And I didn't even know there were different kinds either! For starters: evaporative, vaporizer, ultrasonic? Um hello! Wish there was just one kind so it would be easier to purchase, but apparently there are different kinds of humidifiers for different purposes. Guess I need to do some research on one that will help with asthma and other allergies for starters. Then secondary needs are for cracked lips and sinuses. Last to think about? My new wooden floors! Wouldn't want them cracking all over the place now would I? :)

Other de-asthma-tizing things I've done for our home recently include getting some memory foam, anti-allergenic pillows for everyone. I need to label those so there's no mix up of pillows (thereby preventing squabbles, hehehe). Curtains have been stripped down as well; although those poor windows look so bare now! I need to get the ball rolling about having them measured for roller blinds. Carpet has been taken out in the entire upstairs, replaced by wooden maple flooring. Oh! And new mattresses of course, replacing the gross old ones with nice, springy, CLEAN ones.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I think the boys ARE improving asthma-wise. Here's hoping it continues throughout the year!

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