Friday, January 04, 2008

River, Our Little Angel

I am very emotional while posting this, so this blog post may be a bit magulo, confusing.

A little bit before 11 am, I got a text message from Boydee saying that Bang was having contractions and that they were on their way to the hospital in Cebu. I was in National Bookstore with the kids and I told them to say a little prayer for Tita Bang before continuing with their search for their books. I texted Boydee to keep us updated on Bang's progress.

A little bit past noon, I got this message:
Thanks for all the prayers! We are still waiting for advise re delivery. Waiting in the room. Doctors are still waiting for Bang to go into labor - she is already 7 cm. They will also try to do a vaginal delivery. Keeping you posted.
AT 3:04 pm, I got this message:
Bang just gave birth to a baby girl (normal/vaginal delivery). Date of birth - January 4, 2008 at 1:26 pm. Baptized at the same time as River. Unofficially, River passed away at 2:05 pm. Bang is in the recovery room, should be out within the next hour or so, and she is fine. Thanks for all your prayers. God bless.
And that was that. River would have been Boydee and Bang's second baby, Mom and Dad's 10th grandchild. We got a little angel instead. I tear up every time I tell people the story of Boydee and Bang's journey with this little angel, and how strong they have been, and most important of all, how they have kept their faith. They honestly did NOT deserve that this should happen to them, but, like them, I believe that it is God's will; only He knows why this happened, only He knows what is in store for them.

Boydee and Bang, you KNOW how I wanted you guys to have this baby. You are great parents and River would have been showered with so much love from our families. No words can truly express how I feel, but I feel peace when you call River your little angel. She is our family's little angel. We have someone up there looking at us, laughing with us, crying with us, being with us.

I admire the both of you for staying so strong through all these. I would have been a wreck, I think, but you have been pillars of strength for each other, and we will take our cue from you guys. I wish I could have been there with you, even if it were outside the delivery room, holding Tita Nonie's hand. Mom would have been there if she could have gotten a flight.

Our love, prayers and hugs go to the both of you, as well as to little River. May she rest in peace.


Olivia said...

All I can say is "THANK YOU", Te. Heartfelt and from the inmost recesses of our hearts.

Yen said...

I'm sorry to hear about this Rona. My prayers and condolence.