Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meals, Mass and Maleta


Well of course we ate: breakfast, lunch and dinner! hehehe. Breakfast at home, lunch in La Vista because Emmy and Eugene were there, and dinner at home.

Eugene is pregnant, finally! Even Dad had to smile at Emmy, who immediately told Dad that his army had finally penetrated! So yay for Eugene and Emmy, who have been waiting for what seemed like forever for a baby. They're due in May.


We went to mass at Pentecost today, so that the kids could be with us. We leave for a 5-day vacation in Macau and Hong Kong early tomorrow morning, so mass was a must this evening. There was Tita Ingrid's party to go to tonight, but I've been feeling tired lately and Japa and the boys had asthma, so we decided to decline the invite. I packed instead.


Our suitcase. Had to pack tonight so we could rest and be up early tomorrow morning. No first wave of family members anymore: ALL of us would be getting on the same flight. I take that back: there IS a first wave...those going to the airport first to see if we can get better seats, i.e., aisle, exit, as far up in front as we can get for economy.

We TRIED to fit a duffle bag into the suitcase just so we would be rolling ONE piece of luggage on and off the hydrofoil that would take us to Macau from Hong Kong, but it wouldn't fit! Sigh! So....we're bring an empty duffle bag to check in, hehehe. Which is usual, for trips to Hong Kong!


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