Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boys to the Doctor

Sigh! Only my boys. We went back to the doctor yet again. Rogan has full-blown asthma. Again. Ranger had another check up so that the pediatrician could rule out having a tuberculine test. Ranger has gained some weight thank goodness, and his cough was all gone. That is, unless he pretends he has "ubok", as he calls it.

It's in the blood...asthma, that is. Seems the Gavino boys have it, and only them. The girls are fine, having outgrown asthma (knock on wood!!!) somewhere around the age of 2-3. I thought Rogan would outgrow it as well, but he's been having a horrible time of it, since late last year. And this was when we had taken the carpet out and installed wooden flooring! Weird!

Rogan's been put on antibiotics AND a 3-day steroid program to ease the constriction in his throat. Then it'll be anti-allergy meds for 5-7 days. This, plus nebulization! The poor child! Like father like son? *roll eyes* My poor boys!

Like I always say, girls are stronger! hehehe.

I scrapped!

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