Friday, January 04, 2008

Back to Exercise

Woke up with a jolt today. When I saw the clock blinking 745 am at me, I jumped out of bed. I had promised Raegan that we were going to National Bookstore to claim her prize from Faber Castell. But before that, I wanted to exercise first......just to get it over with, hehehe. I figure the morning is the best time for this, so I don't have to think about having to do it sometime during the day.

So I get dressed in some shorts and a top and get on the elliptical machine. Thank goodness Japa had agreed to put the machine in the having to go downstairs in our home gym to work out all by my lonesome. At least in the room, I get to turn on the TV and watch something interesting. In this case, I'm hooked on House (season 2) and the interesting episodes keep me occupied for the half hour I'm on the elliptical. Now wouldn't it me great if our 36" tv would be replaced by an LCD TV instead? No glare from the windows to think of at all; the elliptical is right next to the window and I have to play with the blinds a bit so I can actually SEE the tv screen. But like I said, at least there *is* a tv in the room; if I had gone downstairs, I'd have to bring my laptop to be able to play the disc on it.

I've been pretty good about exercising so far. Hehehe. Yes, it's only FOUR days into the new year, but I've been verrrrry good! So yay for me!

Ok, Raegan's showered and eaten breakfast. Off to National we go!

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