Monday, January 14, 2008

CPK Part 2

Lai and I did it again. We made California Pizza Kitchen our office away from the office. Eva from iStudio texted us to let us know that our laptop memory simms were available. So off we rushed to juice up our macbook pro babies. We are both now operating at the laptop's maximum of 4 gigabytes of RAM!!!! Whoohoohooo!!!! Photoshop is definitely flying sooooo much faster now!

So of course, while we were at Shang Plaza, where else would we have lunch but at CPK. We decided to try new stuff today and we came up with the fantastically yummy (our new fave now!) Waldorf Salad, White Pizza and Portabello Mushroom Ravioli. Yum, yum and YUM! :)

Yes, we were hard at work as we finished up the Columbarium Tour Map. So much attention to detail, I tell you, but we got it done! AND we are proud of the results! Hehehe. Of course, it's OUR work that's going to be printed! And because Lai couldn't find her files for the Shrine shots, she used MY photo for the cover! Whoohooo! I am officially published!!! Hehehe. Sort of. The BOTH of us are published, since the map WILL be printed out for distribution!

We wrapped up after a few hours' work. Happy, but tired. Not that all the work was done; I had to do some uploading and emailing when I got home so that the files could get to the printer's tomorrow morning.

But all this eating at CPK will make us rotund and FAT for sure, hehehe. Gotta get me some hoodia pills or something to help me suppress my appetite especially when working on a deadline. The pressure!!! But for both Lai and I, we found it verrrrry productive to be OUT of the office when working on something like this. There's way less distraction, less interruptions when out of the office, which helped us work continuously AND productively.

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