Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf, Chinese Style

Japa and I went for another swim this morning. If it was possible, if was COLDER than yesterday!!! It was 7 degrees outside!!!! Aaaargh! Yes, we were CRAZY to go out, but even crazier, we were joined by Randy and Stella! Hehehehe. But by the time they were going to start, we had ended our swim, so we did the same thing yesterday and rushed indoors.

By the time we were all ready to leave, it was time for lunch. But left we did, as we met Lai and Dic at the Sands Hotel on the other island. Across that was Macau's Fisherman's Wharf. It was similar to the one in San Francisco (I guess) in that there were a number of small shops and a lot of restaurants up and down the main street. There was a Colosseum-like structure (think Rome, Italy) in the middle of the area and a picturesque street off of it.

We actually strayed from Chinese food (thank God!) and entered an Italian restaurant....completely run by Filipinos. The food was good, and it *WOULD* have been a pleasurable experience if not for the fact that the waitresses (BOTH of them!!!) completely FORGOT my order. And this AFTER I had asked the both of them on two separate occasions EACH to follow up my original order!!! And if you know me, that is totally UNACCEPTABLE and constitutes service of the worse kind!!!

When I finally rounded on one of the waitresses --- keeping my voice down but I'm sure my eyes were doing all the dagger throwing---she just looked at me with her mouth open!!! Not an apology, NOTHING. Ugh!!! And because of that, I never even bothered to remember the name of the place. Hmp! Soooo NOT worth it! This person's not going back to that place at all.

But the pizza was good :) as evidenced by Stella below:

And wonder of wonders, I actually got time to scrap!


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