Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Work, Work, Work

Today was just a continuation of yesterday. Sigh! Doing some major catching up on stuff to do for the Relics' visit, including merchandising. As usual, everything, as in EVERYTHING!!! is last minute!!! Aaaargh! Sooo horrible!

And while Lai and I were slaving over (sort of) ideas for the tour map and the website, my dear brothers (except Boydee) went golfing. As they were hitting away with their Cleveland golf clubs, we girls were in front of our laptops practically the whole day with our eyes glued to the screen! Sure, there were some welcome interruptions at work, like signing checks and checking on reports, but we were pretty much glued to our desks, hehehe.

But I think we pretty much have an idea as to what needs to be done. Lai has a "secret" weapon that we will be referring to for our projects. As for merchandising, thank goodness Bang is on it, despite the fact that she is in Cebu!

So major stressful telephone conversations over the dang handkerchief though! Major discussions about red vs brown ink, print size, who to print, and how much. And all around 9 pm already!!!!

I am SOOOOO glad this day is over!

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